Our Biographies


Vikki began playing guitar at age 13 and by age 15 she was writing music and performing at the local Holiday Inn.  At age 16 she was offered a contract at the Embers Supper Club in Indianapolis. While still in high School she played guitar in the school's jazz band and formed a rock band named "Five Hits and a Miss."

In the '70s Vikki moved to Louisville and worked primarily as a solo guitar/vocal act at several hotels, upscale restaurants, private clubs and corporate events. During that time she released "Let the Music Play" and "Flame of Love" on Independent Sound Records. Vikki was also seen in local and national commercials, print ads and at various corporate events. Along with other musicians, Vikki was on local television on a featured segment, "A Moment With..."

In the '80s Vikki performed at venues in Florida and throughout the mid-west as a solo act before returning to Louisville late that same decade. While in Louisville during the '90s, Vikki formed the group "Expressions" featuring notable musicians including guitarist Greg Walker, pianist/saxaphonist Duke Marsh and drummer/vocalist Eddie Abraham. Vikki's group was contracted for a year to play on the riverboat, the Star of Louisville. Vikki again left Louisville only to return in 2013.

After Vikki returned to the Louisville area she has performed as a solo artist at The Kill Devil Club at Fourth Street Live and as a vocalist with VoJazz at Marketplace Restaurant in downtown Louisville. 

In Louisville,Vikki also met a wonderful man named Mike who shares her love of music.


Mike, like so many vocalists, started singing in his church choir and continued singing in his high school chorus. Soon he was recruited to sing with an elite group, the Esquires and Debutantes.

Soon after high school Mike joined with Bill Medley's group, "The Paramours." The group was personally managed by Nat Goodman, west coast A&R man for Mercury Records. Mercury signed the group to a recording contract. Their first release, "That's The Way We Love" garnered some attention but was not a hit. Bill Medley went on to form the "Righteous Brothers" with Bobby Hatfield.

Mike joined a group, "Deke and the Deacons" consisting of guitar, organ, bass and drums. All four of them were talented singers. While playing a gig at the Peppermint Lounge West, the guys were written up in Paul Winchell's newspaper column. Later the group decided to change their name to "The Four Sounds." The "Four Sounds" played a highly successful run at The Galaxy on the Sunset Strip for a couple of years, then toured throughout the country.

After that, Mike and his partner, Laurin Rinder, formed a Las Vegas show group "Rinder, Rider and the Swingin' Brass" a 7-piece show band. Later, Mike returned to his rhythm and blues roots forming "Mom's Apple Pie" in Hollywood.

In 2013 Mike relocated to the Louisville area partly attracted by the flourishing music scene. Soon Mike met a talented vocalist/guitarist Vikki Lynne and she encouraged him to join with her to form "Vikki and Mike." They also joined in holy matrimony...